Teachers' Art Training
July 8 - 31

Intensive, practical short course for kindergarten and primary school teachers

Do you want to improve or acquire new art skills?

Get more creative and confident in your painting and drawing practice?

We offer a full month of practical training on different aspects of art: craft, sculpture, weaving, drawing and painting, using simple and effective techniques and affordable materials.

Why us?

  • We teach art since 2006
  • Our programmes are designed to give you as much practice as possible
  • Our staff are trained professionals with experience in diverse areas of visual art
  • We work with schools and know the challenges teachers are facing and we offer solutions to the challenges

Investment: 25,000 KSHS

Inclusive of all materials

  • Introduction to Basics of Art
  • Design
  • Paper Craft
  • Fabric Craft
  • Weaving
  • Pottery¬†
  • Mosaic
  • Use of recycled materials in craft making
  • Creativity
  • Classes will take place at our premises in Lavington
  • Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

Register before June 1, get a 20% discount on
any of our regular courses

  • You will have free access to our library
  • We issue a certificate of completion
  • You will get a 10% discount on art supplies at our store

Less theory, more practice

Interested in August training?