School Programme

Arts education teaches children to communicate with the world using alternative ways, solve problems creatively and encourages personal initiative. Art makes a vital contribution to the development of emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Arts reduce stress level in children and boost their self-esteem. In an art class students use variety of mediums: fabric, clay, paper, paint that inspire ideas and present opportunities for creative expression. Art promotes cognitive development which positively reflects on children’s overall performance in school.

We offer the following options of art activities for schools:


·         ART CLUB – a weekly class is all about creativity and fun. We design versatile and engaging programme, provide instructors and materials and come to your school to teach or host your students at The Art Centre.

·         ART CURRICULUM – an art programme created specifically for you to meet your needs in visual arts education.

Cost per child per term:


Primary School:

·         Art class – 5000 kshs

·         Pottery class – 5000 kshs

*Inclusive of firing


Upper Primary and Secondary School:

·         Art Class – 6000 kshs

·         Pottery – 6000 kshs

·         Mosaic – 7000 kshs

·         Canvas, pottery and mosaic – 10,000 kshs.


·         SCHOOL TRIPS – a special art event designed to ignite students’ creativity, socialize and have a wonderful time while creating a masterpiece in a group or individually. You can choose the following activities:


  • Canvas/t-shirt/apron painting
  • Sculpture
  • Craft
  • Mosaic
  • Pottery

Schools we work with:


  • Light Academy Kindergarten
  • Light Academy International Secondary
  • Bunks and Biddles
  • ISK
  • Braeburn Garden Estate
  • Trinity International Kindergarten
  • Kiddie Steps Montessori
  • Cavina
  • Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah

At Nairobi Art Centre we train teachers to

 Learn/refresh and improve their drawing, pottery, creativity and painting skills.

Training is based on the New Curriculum

We train teachers to acquire the knowledge and skills to apply specific concepts, techniques related to art and craft to increase their capacity for effective student handling in pursuit of artistic goals. During the training, the participant trainees  will be exposed to deeper knowledge and skills in Art and Craft in order to build on the competences consistent with the new Curriculum i.e. Competency Based Curriculum.

We offer Practical and Intensive training

The participants will train, practice and model activities based on both local and International Crafts, Presentation and exhibition which are all requirements of the New Curriculum.

The participants will be able to:

  • Develop skills on designing student projects
  • Guide the learner to individually explore materials to construct and assemble artworks
  • Create2D and 3D artworks
  • Gain conservation skills and values for re-use and recycle of materials for creative purposes
  • Develop confidence and a sense of achievement when making artworks for self and others
  • Gain creativity and imagination skills
  • Gain experience and share ideas for learning and enjoyment


  • Interpretation of the curriculum designs with a keen focus on art and craft
  • Explanation of the concepts in the Competency Based curriculum
  • Application of creative techniques of craft
  • Use of Technology to explore creative ideas in art work
  • Application of Life skills
  • Time management in terms of planning for student activities and learning experiences for a whole lesson

Note: The training programme is available on request.

Duration: 1 month – 5 days a week 

Time: 9 am to 4 pm.


  • August 5th to 30              
  • November 4th to 29th
  • November 25th to Dec 20th