Kids Workshop


The Art Centre has a lot of choice when it comes to children: Our aim is to introduce children to the world of Art, to open their eyes to the environment around them and increase their visual awareness. The children will love the informal atmosphere, being crazily creative and having lots of fun. Our workshops are a great opportunity for your child to try new and exciting Art and Craft techniques and materials. From throwing clay pots on a wheel to batik and oil painting to printing.

We are constantly amazed at the ability all the children have given the opportunity, materials and guidance. Each time we choose a theme from African Art to Russian Art, from prehistoric paintings to outer space, we look at the subject from all angles.

For inspiration we look at contemporary artists and old masters, use events, or current exhibitions or often news items with interesting back grounds. We always endeavour to come up with new, innovative and exciting ideas for children, so they’ll want to come to the Art Centre every holiday- year after year after year!!

We organise Arty Party holiday workshops, after school clubs, birthday parties, Saturday Clubs and term-time school visit-workshops / field trips and more.
We also run various workshops, drawing classes, painting, pottery, fabric painting etc. for teens. Please drop by or contact us through our contact page

Holiday Workshops

We run every holiday from 9am – 3.30pm daily.

Our Holiday Workshops are a great opportunity for your child to try new and exciting Art and Craft techniques.

Each holiday we use different themes for inspiration from current exhibitions to new trend in the world of art , Ancient Egypt and even making project from Spring time!

We look at all sorts of artists, countries and both historical and contemporary popular culture.

But its not all Art, each of our holiday sites are chosen so the children can run around, play and have their picnics outside at break times and lunch. We end each day with fun games and amazing fun in the garden!

Aladdin April Art Camp

Magical Kenya Art Camp

Kick Beat Summer Camp

October Mid-Term Art Camp


What is the target audience?

  • These workshops  are intended for every child interested in learning  Art & Crafts.
  • Workshops are  aimed at beginners, so no previous experience with hand  skills is necessary