Children Classes

We offer group classes.

Classes will be available in a separate closed Instagram account.

Every Saturday we will have a Live session with all the participants where you can create in a real time with a teacher and also ask questions.

If you wouldn’t manage to participate, don’t worry, the lesson will be saved in IGTV for your child accomplish the work on their own time.

Cost2000ksh per month.

Private classes

It is one-on-one class with one of our instructors. We use Zoom platform to run it. 

Cost750ksh per hour.

Painting and drawing develop the child’s ability to understand qualities of colour, tone, rhythm in daily life, nature and, of cause, in art. Crafts enhance sensitivity to structure, texture, pattern and colour. It brings out the child’s creative side, increases dopamine which stimulates the creation of new neurons and prepares brain for learning.


9 – 14y.o.

Saturdays 10am – 1pm.

Cost: 2000 per class/ 7000 for 4 classes/ 17,000 kshs for 10 classes.



3 – 9y.o.

Saturdays 10am – 1pm.

Cost: 1600 per class/ 6000 for 4 classes/ 14,500 kshs for 10 classes.

We run every holiday from 9am – 3.30pm daily.


Our Holiday Workshops are a great opportunity for your child to try new and exciting Art and Craft techniques.


Each holiday we use different themes for inspiration from new trend in the world of art to Ancient Egypt. We look at all sorts of artists, countries and both historical and contemporary popular culture.


But it is not all art, the children can run around, play, socialize and have their picnics outside at break times and lunch.



  • Half-day program – 2200 kshs per day or 10,000ksh per week
  • Full-day program – 3500 kshs per day or 15,000ksh per week

Clay is an ideal medium to learn about form and scale, to enhance creative thinking. Working with clay is also a multi-sensory activity, it develops fine and gross motor skills while the child is kneading, rolling, flattering, pinching the medium, using a pottery wheel.


Working with clay has a therapeutic effect, it reduces stress and builds self-confidence.


Saturdays 10am – 1pm.

Cost: 1600 per class/ 6000 for 4 classes/ 14,500 kshs for 10 classes

PRIVATE CLASS – 1500 kshs per hour.

Mosaic is a form of art where an art work made from assembled pieces of glass, tiles, stones.  Mosaic improves hand and eye coordination, mathematical skills such as counting, sorting. It enhances logical thinking, problem solving and ability to work independently.


Saturdays 10am – 12pm.

Cost: 2500 kshs per lesson

*Two classes minimum booking.

Our parent-child class is a first step in your child’s art education and creativity. In the program, children will develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination and communication skills. They will explore new media, colours and texture.

Little artists do different activities, such as painting, modelling, drawing and crafts. They learn new skills like mixing colours, stamping, sticking, and cutting. Each project is designed to teach a new skill while having fun. The end result is not as important as the skill they learn in the process. Each finished project regardless of the outcome is a work of art – their work of art!!

Tuesdays 3-4pm

Cost: 1000 kshs per class

Children from age 4 are welcome to drop-in and draw, paint or explore other forms of visual art, materials and techniques with our instructors.


Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm

Cost: 1000 kshs per hour

*Advanced registration required.