Art Class

For the beginner who has not had any previous experience painting or an intermediate artist in the process of improving techniques.

Explore drawing & painting in a friendly and encouraging environment. Step by step guidance will quickly help you develop skills and confidence using a variety of art materials such as pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic paint and mixed media.

Best for the student who cannot commit to a regular schedule.

Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 1pm

Cost: 2500 kshs per class or 9000 kshs for 4 classes

*Inclusive of materials except canvases and oil paints.

Art Course

Take your artistic skills to a new level with a beginner drawing and painting course. It will take four months to complete the whole program but can be taken a segment at a time.

You will learn about drawing and painting, using variety of materials such as pastels, watercolour, charcoal, acrylic and coloured pencils.

Must be able to commit once a week for one month (one segment).

Thursday and Saturday 10am – 1pm

Cost: 10,000 kshs per segment.

*Inclusive of materials except a canvas.


There is something very soothing and therapeutic working with clay.  Give it a try!  Work with clay and have a go on a potter’s wheel.  Learn how to make objects, pots, cups, vases etc.

Instructor utilizes various techniques such as coiling, pinching, slabbing, and throwing on the wheel. Firing objects in the kiln are completed after class – keep in mind, it takes up to two weeks to be fully dry and ready for painting.  Don’t forget to ask about our special Pottery.

Tuesday 1pm – 3pm

Wednesday 10am – 1pm

Saturday 2pm – 4pm

Cost: 2300 kshs per class or 8000 kshs for 4 classes

PRIVATE CLASS – 2000 kshs per hour.


Mosaic art has been known for centuries. The earliest examples were found in a Mesopotamian temple from the 3rd millennium BCE, and were made of ivory, seashells, and stones.

Dazzling colours, intricate designs of meticulously arranged tiles or glass pieces still fascinate artists, who are rethinking this form of art, giving it a modern twist.

Creating mosaic is a relaxing activity which does not require advanced drawing skills. It is suitable for people without previous experience in art.

Tuesday 10am – 12pm

Wednesday 5.30 pm – 7.30pm

Saturday 2pm – 4pm

Cost: 2500 kshs per class

Two classes minimum booking

*Inclusive of materials.

Graphic Design

It is a practical, contemporary four-months design course. You will develop your design skills using a wide range of traditional and modern techniques to complete various activities and briefs. You will build a portfolio that showcases your ability and demonstrates your potential as a designer.

Must be able to commit once a week for one month (one segment).

Friday 10am – 1pm

Cost: 10,000 kshs per segment.


This is an intensive three-months course which designed for people who have basic skills in drawing and painting and would like to learn graffiti.

Graffiti Course is taught by an experienced tutor, who provides high quality teaching to nurture your creative spirit, actively encouraging you to find and develop your own artistic voice. Who support and challenge those who want to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge or develop new expertise. Graffiti course is inspirational, wonderfully challenging, and definitely rewarding.

It offers a fresh, exciting opportunity for you to reach your creative potential, to specialize in Street art and airbrush Painting, graffiti lettering, characters and Calligraphy.

Tuesday 10am – 1pm

Cost: 45,000 kshs

*Inclusive of materials

Portrait Drawing Course

Portrait course is ideal for both – beginners and intermediate students who want to elevate their drawing skills.

Students learn about proportions, this will help to create beautiful imaginary portraits; shading techniques – to draw realistic-looking faces, and other small tricks that will take your portraits to the next level.

In ten weeks you will complete at least three portraits and do lots of exercises targeting specific areas of the face: eyes, lips, wrinkles, hair and more.

Wednesday 10am – 1pm

Cost: 25,000 kshs.

Architecture Essentials Course

The Architecture Essentials Course is aimed at teaching future designers the art of visual language through a series of basic drawing lessons. Visual language presents us with unlimited potential for design, composition,
creativity and self expression. We want to train you, whether you’re a beginner looking for where to start, or an expert looking for different perspectives.

Course breakdown (5 lessons):

  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Elements of drawing
  • Types of drawings
  • Colour
  • Organization principles
  • Composition

Tuesday and Thursday 10am – 1pm

Cost: 12,500 kshs.