Graphic Design

It is a practical, contemporary design course. You will develop your design skills using a wide range of traditional and modern techniques to complete various activities and briefs. You will build a portfolio that showcases your ability and demonstrates your potential as a designer.


Section 1:

  •  Defination of Graphic Design
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design elements
  • Graphic Design techniques

  • Rules of Composition
  • Psychological Properties of Colours
  • Principles of Design

  • Alarm Sketching
  • Mind Map
  • Mood Board

  • History of Type
  • Text Typefaces
  • Principles of the Craft

Section 2:

  •  Building Brand Identity
  • What is Brand Guidelines?
  • Components of the Brand

  •  Research
  • Sketching and Conceptualising, Mind Mapping

  •  Corporate Stationery

Section 3:

  •  Type Classifications
  • Letter Drawing

  • Typography composition
  • Themed Font Design

  • .Basics
  • Modular Grid
  • Book Design