Graffiti Course


This is an intensive course which designed for people who have basic skills in drawing and painting and would like to learn graffiti  , learn new mediums and techniques, and gain confidence to work independently. Your learning and artistic self-confidence lies at the heart of Graffiti course we have planned.

Graffiti Course is taught by resident a tutor, who provides high quality teaching to nurture your creative spirit, actively encouraging you to find and develop your own artistic voice. Who support and challenge those who want to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge or develop new expertise. Graffiti course is inspirational, wonderfully challenging, and definitely rewarding.

It offers a fresh, exciting opportunity for you to reach your creative potential, to specialize in Street art and airbrush Painting, graffiti lettering, characters and Calligraphy.

Graffiti workshop


Introduction: ethics materials and demonstrations

  1. Ethics: We teach the importance of ethical painting and the responsibility that comes with spray painting
  2. Materials and demonstration: We’ll show you how to use spray paint and the basic techniques involved

Segment two: graffiti lettering characters calligraphy writing (4 classes)

Segment three: street art stencils, artwork creation/sketching (4 classes)

Segment 4: Spray Painting (4 classes)