Art Course

Take your artistic skills to a new level with our all new 4 week intensive drawing and painting course. It will take four months to complete the whole program but can be taken 4 weeks at a time.  Work with a variety of subjects including the figure, natural objects and printed imagery. You will learn about sketching, drawing and painting.  We will challenge you to rethinking the use of colour and mark making.  You will learn about light, shadow and perspective.  You will also learn to work with watercolours, pastels, charcoal and acrylics. AS you progress; you will have the opportunity to work individually with your tutor to devise your own project. Must be able to commit once a week for one month which is one segment.


  • No skill required in drawing & painting.
  • Age 16+
  • Minimum Commitment one month


Segment 1: DRAWING (4 Classes)

Segment 2: PAINTING (4 Classes)

Segment 3: 4 Classes